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De Mestral Armand
"The Lisbon Treaty and the Expansion of EU Competence over Foreign Direct Investment and the Implications for Investor-State Arbitration"
In Karl P. Sauvant (ed.)  Yearbook on International Investment: Law & Policy 2009/2010
Chapter 10 
New York : Oxford University Press.
to be published
Dedek Helge and De Mestral Armand
"Born to be Wild: The 'Trans-systemic' Programme at McGill and the De-Nationalization of Legal Education"
German Law Journal
De Mestral Armand
"Les relations économiques internationales : comparaison entre l'expérience fédérale canadienne et celle de l'Union européenne"
In Panagiotis Grigoriou (dir.)  L'Europe unie et sa fédéralisation
Bruxelles : Bruylant.
De Mestral Armand and Winter Jan
"The Law/Politics Distinction in the Experience of the European Court of Justice and the Supreme Court of Canada"
In Bogdan Iancu (ed.)  The Law/Politics Distinction in Contemporary Adjudication
Utrecht : Boom Eleven International Publishing.
De Mestral Armand and Fox-Decent Evan
"Rethinking the Relationship Between International ans Domestic Law"
McGill Law Journal
  53 : 573-646
De Mestral Armand
"Canadian-EU Bilateral Air Service Agreements"
Document number: 05/05
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