Juliet Johnson (Director McGill)

Ph.D. (Princeton, 1997)





Fields of interests:

  • Post-communist financial systems
  • Russian and Eastern European politics
  • Democracy and the market
  • Institutionalist theories
  • Comparative politics
  • Post-communist identity politics
  • International political economy

Latest publications:


  • Religion and Identity in Modern Russia: The Revival of Orthodoxy and Islam (Ashgate 2005). Part of the Post-Soviet Politics series. Co-edited with Marietta Stepaniants and Benjamin Forest.
  • A Fistful of Rubles: The Rise and Fall of the Russian Banking System (Cornell University Press 2000).


  • “Monumental Politics: Regime Type and Public Memory in Post-Communist States,” Post-Soviet Affairs 27:3 (2011): 1-20. Co-authored with Benjamin Forest.
  • “Uneven Integration: Economic and Monetary Union in Central and Eastern Europe,” Journal of Common Market Studies 48:5 (2010): 1235-1258. Co-authored with Rachel Epstein.
  • “The Czech Republic and Poland: The Limits of Europeanization,” in Kenneth Dyson and Martin Marcussen, Central Banks in the Age of the Euro: Europeanization, Convergence, and Power (Oxford University Press, 2009): 221-240. Co-authored with Rachel Epstein.
  • “The Remains of Conditionality: The Faltering Enlargement of the Euro Zone,” Journal of European Public Policy 15:6 (2008): 826-842.
  • “Forbidden Fruit: Russia’s Uneasy Relationship with the Dollar,” Review of International Political Economy 15:3 (2008): 377-396.
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