September 29, 2016 - Workshop

Between the EU and Eurasia

Borders have recently and deservedly attracted a great deal of academic attention. While they have a divisive function on the one hand, they also represent a meeting point between a variety of cultures, communities and social spaces. In that sense, physical, political, and psychological borders can open, close, and transform broader political possibilities.

The workshop aims to explore how states and societies on both sides of the EU's eastern borders cope with, react to, contest, and negotiate the borders through political processes, symbolic politics, everyday practices, and collective action. The participants will discuss topics such as kin-state relations and Russian (soft) power, state sovereignty and trans-border competences, citizenship and migration, and social movements and minority politics.


McGill University
3438 McTavish, room 100

If you would like to join the workshop, please send an email ( to request a seat. Seating is limited so we ask that you act quickly, and that you do not reserve a place unless you are certain to attend.


9:30-10 - Welcome and Introduction
Juliet Johnson (McGill) and Frédéric Mérand (UdeM)


10-12:30 - Morning Session
Chair: Magdalena Dembinska (UdeM)

10-10:30 - Changing Borders and Boundaries in the Eurasian Space

  • Patterns of De Facto State Survival and Disappearance: Empirical Insights 
    Adrian Florea (Glasgow University)
  • Europe-Russia: Cooperation and Conflict at the Border in a Relational Perspective
    Frédéric Mérand and Magdalena Dembinska (UdeM)

10:30-11- Eurasia Connected, Within and Beyond the Region

  • Linkage of Regional Projects in Eurasia: Solving Loyalty Problems?
    Yulia Nikitina, (MGIMO University, Russia)
  • Eurasian Borders as Connectivity Vehicles: the Case of Kazakhstan
    Luca Anceshi (Glasgow University)

11-11:30 - Europe and Russia in Ukraine

11:30-12pm - Europe, Democracy and Protest

  • Fear and loathing on the post-Communist street: why Bulgaria's DANSwithme protest fizzled out, but Ukraine's Euromaidan escalated
  • The Aftermath of protests: Social Movement Demobilization in Ukraine and Russia

12-12:30 - Citizenship, Mobilization and Transformation

  • Diasporas and Contested Sovereignty

    Maria Koinova (Warwick University)

  • Citizenship at the Time of State Transition
    Oxana Shevel (Tufts University)

12:30-2:30 - Lunch break


2:45-5:30 - Afternoon Session
Theme: Minority Politics and Kin-States in Multiethnic Regions
Chair: Juliet Johnson (McGill)
*This event is part of the EUCE Speaker Series, Fall 2016

  • Minority Politics and Multinational Regions in the EU Borderland
    David Smith (Glasgow University)
  • Cross-border Politics as a Field of Ethnic Boundary-Making: Hungarians, Poles, and Russians in CEE 
    Zsuzsa Csergo (Queens University)
  • Claiming the diaspora: Russia's Compatriot Policy and its Reception by Russophone Population in Estonia
    Kristina Kallas (Tartu University)



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