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Upcoming events

2014-10-02 Roundtable

What We Know and What We Don't About Civil Wars

by S. Kalyvas (Yale University)

2014-10-03 Lecture

Who is to Blame for Falling Corporate Taxes in Europe?

by H. Appel (Claremont McKenna College)

2014-10-10 Lecture

How European Union Membership Can Undermine the Rule of Law in Emerging Democracies

by J. Slapin (University of Houston)

2014-10-16 Lecture

La pensée géopolitique en Europe

by S. Guzzini (Uppsala University)

2014-10-17 Lecture

Why Berlusconi?

by S. Guzzini (Uppsala University)

2014-10-31 Lecture

The Scottish Neverendum? Explaining the Scottish Independence Referendum Result

by C. Carman (University of Glasgow)

2014-11-06 Roundtable

Carrefour Europe 2014

Forum providing in-depth information on the most promising sectors in the EU for Quebec companies that wish to export to Europe or to establish closer professional ties with the European business community in Quebec. The competition for the second Carrefour Europe Award is open!

2014-11-14 Lecture

The EU Crisis and Gender Mainstreaming

by E. Weiner (McGill) and H. MacRae (York)

2014-11-28 Lecture

Banks, Bonds and Sovereigns: Revisiting the Origins of Europe's Austerity

by C. Ban (Boston University)


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