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Upcoming events

2014-09-12 Lecture

Institutionalised Cooperation and Policy Convergence in European Defence

by O. Schmitt (Université de Montréal)

2014-09-22 Lecture

Érosion ou consolidation de la citoyenneté de l’Union européenne ?

by P. Mindus (Uppsala University)

2014-10-02 Roundtable

State Formation in Europe

with S. Kalyvas (Yale University) and T. Anastassiadis (McGill)

2014-10-03 Lecture

Who is to Blame for Falling Corporate Taxes in Europe?

by H. Appel (Claremont McKenna College)

2014-10-10 Lecture

How European Union Membership Can Undermine the Rule of Law in Emerging Democracies

by J. Slapin (University of Houston)

2014-10-17 Lecture

Why Berlusconi?

by S. Guzzini (Uppsala University)

2014-11-14 Lecture

The EU Crisis and Gender Mainstreaming

by E. Weiner (McGill) and H. MacRae (York)

2014-11-28 Lecture

Banks, Bonds and Sovereigns: Revisiting the Origins of Europe's Austerity

by C. Ban (Boston University)


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